Vision Statement

The new Minnesota crash records system provides a single source of crash data that is accurate, timely, complete and accessible to all appropriate users. The system will be scalable and flexible to change over time and provide analytical tools necessary to make sound decisions regarding resource allocation, project identification, and program evaluation to move Minnesota toward zero deaths.

MNCrash Goals

• The system will remain reliable
• MNCrash is a single source of data, one “truth”
• Data quality is actively managed
• Crash location accuracy will continue to improve
• Varying levels of data access have been implemented considering appropriate data privacy constraints
• Analysis tools have been developed to aid stakeholders in making data driven decisions

Related Minnesota Statutes

Minnesota Statutes, 169.09

The MNCrash system - the Minnesota statewide collection of crash data, relies on law enforcement for the data that drives enforcement, engineering, and education decisions to help save lives and prevent life-changing injuries.